Is it time to lose those unwanted kilos in 2017?

Do you want to lose those unwanted kilos in 2017?
Have you already decided that after Christmas and New Years you are going to give it everything to create the body you want?
We know this is the time of the year where goals are started to be thought about for the upcoming year and its just a matter of getting through the festive season and Christmas before you can actually get started ….

We know the feeling that once you have decided on a weightloss goal and you’re excited, you want to get started straight away. Enthusiasm is high and you just feel ready to get it going!

But we also know that this initial enthusiasm can drop off pretty quickly if you don’t have the correct plan and measures in place.

Consistency is the key and eating well is not just a fad it’s a way of life. Learning to respect your body enough to nourish with good protein, fats and carbohydrates to keep it charging through the day.

Food is where most people come unstuck, especially if you aren’t organised. Our favourite motto – “Fail to prepare – Prepare to fail”. Lets face it we are all busy but if you want results it may just take getting out of bed that 30 minutes earlier to ensure you are prepared with nourishing food for the day.

Our Healthy Living and weight loss retreat is about learning that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult if you stick to our plan you are guaranteed results. Learn how to cook and prepare healthy, delicious food, learn what exercises and training may suit you best and be nurtured in a beautiful, caring environment.