Spring clean your diet and exercise plan

Lets Spring into action! Summer is fast approaching and Spring is the perfect time to clean up your diet and get back into a regular exercise routine.

Fitness in the kitchen

Respect your body by fuelling it with whole foods and remember portion size and self-control are your best friends. Eighty percent of maintaining your body comes down to what you eat rather than how hard you train. So get cooking! Remember our favourite motto – “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Create a weekly meal plan so you are less inclined to eat out and  are prepared with healthy options.

Drink Up

Start your day with a glass of lemon and water, this is a fantastic way to improve your digestion, alkalise your body and boost your vitamin C levels.

Drinking water in winter is not always appealing, so our fluid intake tends to suffer. Dehydration can impact metabolism, leave you sluggish and mask itself as hunger.

Choose Colour

Swap away the dull winter with Spring’s colourful fruit and vegetables. Eating a rainbow of foods is a great way to load up on fiber, vitamins and other disease fighting compounds. Also the pigments that give fruit and vegetables their colour are vital antioxidants. The more colour you eat the better!

Eat home grown

Spring time is the best time to plant your Summer vegie crop.
Think tomatoes, zucchinis, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and basil.
What better way to eat healthy than to eat it from your own garden.
This will not only motivate you to eat more salads and veg but the taste from growing your own veg is so much more delicious and the kids will be more likely to try it too.

Ditch coffee

Give coffee the flick for a bit and try herbal teas instead. Green tea is full of antioxidants, ginger improves circulation and reduces inflammation, peppermint enhances digestion and chamomile helps the nervous system.

Get into juicing

Veggie juices are jam packed with important nutrients and potent antioxidants, which help promote optimal health and vitality and cleanse your system.

Commit to exercise and activities you like

The best sort of motivation is “intrinsic” motivation, this is your inner drive the thing that gets you going because you enjoy doing it. If you’re unsure try everything thats out there. From cycling to running to weights to pilates, when you discover an exercise you enjoy most make it a key part of your routine and you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

Get a friend involved

It’s often hard to accomplish your goals on your own. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you have a supportive friend, partner or family member behind you.

Or get motivated by getting a group of like minded friends involved with your fitness plan. Share your wins and success and this will be echoed by the whole group.

Record your starting point and measure your progress

Seeing small changes motivates you to keep working!
Progress can be measured by recording your body weight or height measurements. Track them in a journal or fitness app. Logging your progress will not only keep your mind focused, but seeing improvements can act as a strong motivator and proof you are making change.

Get outside and train first thing in the morning

We may not all be morning people but have you ever regretted getting up and doing an early morning workout.

The mornings are warming up and starting to become lighter earlier, if we leave our training to the afternoon something is always bound to get in our way and prevent us from getting our workout in. This is why its better to get your workout done first thing in the morning before our busy day begins.

Boot Camps are a great way to stay motivated as you are locked into a 4 week program, or join up to an outdoor fitness boxing or circuit group where you have to commit to a certain amount of sessions. You will not only challenge yourself more by joining a group, but your also get the added benefit of some extra Vitamin D to help strengthen your immune system and increase your mood and meet some new friends along the way.