What are you feeding your children for breakfast

On our retreats the biggest issue we deal with is breakfast and what people consume for this meal. More often than not the typical answer is cereal (the kind that comes in a box) and even more prominent is that we are feeding this as the go to option for our children.

Breakfast cereals are produced at such high temperatures it destroys any available nutrition and denatures many of the ingredients especially protein often making the final product potentially harmful. Added to this, grain based foods contain anti-nutrients which detract from health and a range of synthetic nutrients that the manufacturer usually adds back in because they are aware of having destroyed the nutrition value in the process. The human body CANNOT utilise synthetic nutrition, it can only recognise nutrition from whole foods. And don’t be fooled into thinking that cereals found in the health section or contain the word “organic” are any better!

Also most breakfast cereals are extremely high in sugar and the ones that aren’t are high in carbohydrates which our body eventually turns to sugar once it’s consumed. Don’t be fooled look at the ingredients and the nutritional panel. Remember to look at the carbohydrate component as well as the sugar e.g. weetbix

There is far superior nutrition readily sourced for your children in ways that will support their health and not detract from it. Fibre for example is abundant in all vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit, much better choices for the human body and particularly your child’s growing body.

A great choice for your child’s breakfast is free range or organic eggs. The egg yolk has been compared to breast milk because it has such an incredible nutrient profile and is 100% absorbed. Smoothies are another great option you can pack a whole lot of goodness in there and make it fun by serving it in a glass jar with a funky straw.

On our retreats you will walk away with a whole lot of ideas not just for you but for your whole family. You’ll have recipes for breakfast, lunches and dinners and we will show to make a lot of them as well.