Keep the weight off this Christmas

Steps to keep the weight off this Christmas.

Keep moving – Keep your daily routine going. Over the break organise to meet friends for a walk, keep the same time every day so you get into a habit – routine is key. This time of year its beautiful to walk along the beach or along the foreshore, walk to get a coffee, keep up with the gym classes, or better still get the whole family out for a bike ride or a surf lesson or go play beach volleyball to keep moving. As soon as you break your routine you will also be more likely to break your diet.

Plan ahead – Have you got family staying? Plan a weekly menu of healthy meals and bbq’s with yummy salads instead of always going out for dinner or getting takeaway. Keep a fridge full of lots of yummy snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables and quick healthy snack ideas.

Make healthy snack options – Make up a platter of cut up veggie sticks, like celery, carrot, capsicum, cucumber with dips like hummus, tzatziki or a bean dip.  Have small serves of yoghurt in the fridge for a quick snack or make up a bunch of protein balls to have in the fridge ready to go for the in between meal snacks.  Another quick and easy snack idea is celery and peanut butter or thin rice cakes with cottage cheese.

Clean and lean when you can – Keep a minimum of 2 meals per day healthy, lean and clean. If your going out for lunch, make sure breakfast and dinner is healthy. Healthy meaning a lean piece of protein and fresh salad or veg. Avoid processed meats and bought creamy salads.

Eat before you go out – Eat a protein snack before you go out so to help prevent overindulging on the unhealthy starters. Take the advice from above, some dips and veg or celery and peanut butter.

Stay hydrated – Hunger is the first sign of dehydration so drink plenty of water. Not only does it keep you skin clear it helps keep your digestive system working well flushing out toxins from your body. A good indicator is to check you urine colour. Remember light yellow to clear indicates good hydration.
Filling up on water will also prevent you from drinking too much empty calorie drinks like wine or soft drink, which in end will lead to more weight loss.

Treat yourself – Give yourself a goal. If you maintain your weight or lose weight over the festive season treat yourself to something nice which you wouldn’t normally do. Treat yourself to a day spa, or buy a new outfit which you wouldn’t normally buy or tell your partner what you want to do and if you reach that goal they can get it for you.

Host dinner parties – This means you are in control of what goes on your plate. Get creative and plan your evening with delicious healthy starters, main course to die for and then finish off with a simple healthy cheese and fruit platters. Spice it up with cherries, strawberries and nuts dipped in dark chocolate.

 Menu plan Christmas dinner – Are you hosting Cristmas? Delegate family on what to bring or you can organise a healthy Christmas meal just like your dinner parties. Try to avoid filling up on high calorie snacks and stick to the main meal.

Alcohol – Choose leaner options, you are more likely to only have one or two drinks of  Vodka or Gin with soda and fresh lime, compared to champagne and wine which have much higher calories.
(see recipe below)
Keep sparkling mineral water available on the table so you can  refill your glass in between drinks to stay hydrated.

And lastly enjoy yourself. Happy Christmas from Sarah and Katie