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Meditation – a simple way to reduce stress

If stress has you feeling worried or tense you should consider meditation. Spending even a few minutes meditating can help to restore your calm and inner peace. The best thing about meditation is you can do it anywhere – walking out in nature, on the bus, sitting at your desk at work. During meditation, you […]
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Staying active in your 60’s

Katie recently contributed to an article about the importance of exercise for the over 60s. Katie firmly believes that staying active improves our bodies in so many ways. Read more in the story link.
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Keep the weight off this Christmas

Steps to keep the weight off this Christmas. Keep moving – Keep your daily routine going. Over the break organise to meet friends for a walk, keep the same time every day so you get into a habit – routine is key. This time of year its beautiful to walk along the beach or along […]
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Self care tips for busy mums

It’s very easy for a busy mum to be so focused on all the things that have to be done, and caring for everyone else, that they make little time, if any, to look after themselves. But, looking after yourself should be right up there at the top of the list, shouldn’t it? After all, […]
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It all starts with loving yourself! Here are 6 easy steps to start

We know what it’s like to be your toughest critic, to blame yourself for the simple mistakes and to wish in your heart to be living someone else’s life. I know it’s hard when you’re feeling that way to listen to other’s telling you how wonderful you are or how much you are loved. Here’s […]
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What are you feeding your children for breakfast

On our retreats the biggest issue we deal with is breakfast and what people consume for this meal. More often than not the typical answer is cereal (the kind that comes in a box) and even more prominent is that we are feeding this as the go to option for our children. Breakfast cereals are […]
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Is it time to lose those unwanted kilos in 2017?

Do you want to lose those unwanted kilos in 2017? Have you already decided that after Christmas and New Years you are going to give it everything to create the body you want? We know this is the time of the year where goals are started to be thought about for the upcoming year and […]
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