It all starts with loving yourself! Here are 6 easy steps to start

We know what it’s like to be your toughest critic, to blame yourself for the simple mistakes and to wish in your heart to be living someone else’s life.

I know it’s hard when you’re feeling that way to listen to other’s telling you how wonderful you are or how much you are loved.

Here’s a few simple tips to start loving yourself that little more each day

1. Get rid of the negative influence’s in your life
Its time to get rid of the people you don’t love. People who are negative and don’t make you feel special or treat you like you are unimportant.

2. Take time to do the things you love
Don’t do things out of obligation or you feel like you should. Its time to start tuning into what you like or need. Say no to a friend if it’s not exactly what you feel like and do what make’s your heart sing

3. Be active
Active doesn’t mean 2 hours at the gym it can be as simple as walking around the block a few times or doing 20 minutes of yoga in the morning before you start work.Your body releases endorphins (the feel good stuff) when you’re active, so you will feel more energised and enthusiastic about the day!

4. Meditate
Take at least a few minutes once a day to just breathe, to bring your thoughts and emotions together. Again this can be what ever works for you – a guided meditation, yoga or a walk in nature but it’s about checking in with your feelings and emotions.

5. Compliment yourself
I know this sounds silly but it works. When you’re getting ready in the morning find at least one thing you like about yourself that day. eg. I’m feeling really good and look nice in this outfit, or my hair looks good like this. You’ll feel better and your mood will be brighter too.

Loving yourself is hard as lets face it no one knows your mistakes and flaws as well as you do. It’s easy to beat yourself up but I challenge you to be patient and kind with yourself and see how awesome you really are!